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Daneline Chairs.

Karl Pfisterer Task Lamp

LoVo Task Lamps, 3-arm

MemLite Task Lamps

Bank Calendar Clock

Tinned Steel Cabinet


In The Woodshed' has been a respected source of distinctive vintage items for over a decade, sourcing and restoring items, to order, on a project by project basis for the design profession and for private individuals alike. Every item is an original, sympathetically refurbished and meticulously rebuilt in house, receiving a level of care it would get if we were keeping it ourselves (we don't, and never will, deal in reproductions).

The vast majority of our stock is of British origin and C20th provenance - an era of great design and peerless levels of engineering. Vintage items will maintain their value (at least) while bringing you the pride and satisfaction of re-homing a unique piece of design history.

If you see something you like then follow the links on the sale pages to get in touch by email - we like to speak to any prospective customers and will call you at your convenience. This is why you won't find a "Shopping Cart" anywhere on this site. If you can't see what you're looking for or want something we have already sold then feel free to ask - we always have unrestored stock we are working on.

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